Get Involved

Get Involved


The Sages & Seekers Ambassador Program is designed to assist our program staff in recruiting participants and facilities for our online and in-person programs. There is no better way to grow our programs than utilizing the enthusiasm and testimonials of our own participants!

Sage Ambassador

Like our 8-week programs, our Ambassador program is designed to offer you connection and meaning. This is a volunteer opportunity with a time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours a month. However, you can spend more or less time- it’s up to you. We value your involvement and any commitment to our program. The only requirement for becoming a Sage Ambassador is that you have completed our 7 or 8 week long program online or in-person.  Your main responsibility will be telling your friends and those in your community about the benefits of Sages & Seekers and then getting them to apply to the program.  Even if you recruit just one person, you are still considered an Ambassador. If you are interested in becoming a Sage Ambassador, please contact the Lead Sage Ambassadors  Ronna Goldstein at and Nancy Walsh at

Seeker Ambassador

The Sages & Seekers Ambassador Leadership Program is designed to help high school and college students gain the skills you need to initiate change in your community and the world at large. As an Ambassador, you will play a vital role in the growth of Sages & Seekers. Using your networking, marketing, and motivational skills, you will recruit and enroll teens for our online and in-person programs.  You will be a part of a national network of high school and college Seeker Ambassadors, working together to combat social isolation and develop empathy for others.

For my information about this program, please click on one of the buttons below or contact Lori Ann Piscioneri at