Sages & Seekers offers intergenerational collaboration between older adults (60+), the Sages, and students (14-24), the Seekers.  During our programs, the exchange between the Sage and the Seeker offers the Sage an opportunity to share life experiences with an interested listener, engaging them in both Life Review and Generativity. The Seeker is challenged to develop listening, interviewing, writing and public speaking skills, resulting in the development of empathy and a sense of purpose. Our curriculum fosters open communication and creates forums in which to discuss life and discover commonalities between generations. This shattering of stereotypes helps to diminish ageism.


If you cannot find a Sages & Seekers Intergenerational Program in your area, then our Online Programs are a great option for you! Our online programs were born out of the need for connection during the pandemic, and have become an exciting platform to connect generations across the country and beyond. Join a program to connect with different generations and cultures from different countries.

Our 8-Week Zoom Program

Our 8-Week Zoom Program is designed to offer our award-wining Signature Program online. Schools use our Online Program as part of their academics or as a community service opportunity. This is a 60-minute program, with 45 minutes of one-on-one time. The Seekers choose their Sage partner through a “speed dating” rotation process the first week. Each week starts with group discussion, creating a community of participants by the eighth week. Because each week builds on the week before, you must commit to all eight weekly meetings in order to enroll.

The best way to understand our program is to watch our BRIEF OVERVIEW.

Our Sage Salon

Our Salons were born out of the desire for Sages to continue to meet following their participation in our 8-Week Program. The Salons offer the opportunity to stay connected with other older adults who are interested in continuing to engage in meaningful conversation. Only open to Sages who have completed our 8-Week Program.

For more information: info@sagesandseekers.org.

Aging Uncut: University Level Social-Emotional Lab

Aging Uncut is a university level lab, designed to focus on the social-emotional aspects of aging today. Too often University Labs only address the physical aspects of healthy aging, leaving the more personal emotions of most older adults unheard. Sages & Seekers older participants are interested in discussing the social-emotional aspects they are facing – from finding value and relevance in retirement, to perspectives on life and death.

Coming September 2022.


Our award-winning 8-Week Signature Program, designed for high school and college, fits perfectly into a semester. This program is utilized in schools across the country as part of their academic curriculum, as well as a community service opportunity. This is a 75-minute program, with group interaction as well as one-on- one time. Because each week builds on the week before, you must commit to all eight weekly meetings in order to enroll.

Our 8-Week Signature Program

Each week starts with group discussion, engaging both generations in dialogue that leads to authentic conversation. The Seekers choose their Sage partner through a “speed dating” rotation process the second week. Sage and Seeker partners build important relationships while creating a sense of community. The impact of this exchange culminates in a Tribute written by the Seeker, then read to the Sage, offering both writing and public speaking experience.

This opportunity to communicate one-to-one with an interested partner begins to break down stereotypes and judgements, leading to the development of much needed social-emotional skills and a diminishing of ageism.

In-Person Programs are scattered throughout the United States, so email us to determine if there is a program in your area: info@sagesandseekers.org.

Our Pop-Up Workshop

This is a custom program designed as either a 2-Hour or 2-Day Workshop for facilities interested in introducing our 8-Week Signature Program. Watch this video of a POP-UP PROGRAM in action. 

Email info@sagesandseekers.org for more information or to speak with our Program Director.

Our Anti-Ageism Workshop

This is a custom program for facilities working with multiple generations. This workshop is designed to shatter stereotypes and focus on the similarities of all participants, through authentic conversation.

Email info@sagesandseekers.org for more information or to speak with our Program Director.

“Conversation is the most human activity we do.
It is a cornerstone for empathy.”


Our award-winning Social-Emotional Learning Program is a one-to-one, Senior-to-Student program, meeting once a week during a school semester, designed to develop empathy and social-emotional skills, while enhancing interviewing, listening, writing, conversation, and public speaking skills. In today’s fast-paced mode of communication, everything unfolds instantly, barely allowing for the opportunity of truly connecting with family, friends and colleagues. Our program is designed to offer the “space” to experience the “art” of conversation… resulting in an authentic connection.

Online Zoom Programs

Our free Zoom programs run 3 times a year – during the Fall, Winter and Spring Semesters. Because this is a one-to-one program, it is required that you attend all 8 weekly meetings. To enroll in our 3 STEP enrollment procedure:

  1. Watch our PROGRAM OVERVIEW .
  2. If you are interested in applying, choose the appropriate button below for either Student or Older Adult. Please watch our detailed Information Presentation.
    If you are interested in applying to one of our 8-week online programs, click the link to our Application Form below the video, fill out the requested information, and choose a program day and time that works for you. If you are flexible, choose all programs that work.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know if you are accepted into the program you requested, or if you are wait-listed. Choosing all programs that work with your schedule, improves your chances of getting into a program.

Note:  Enrolling in one of our online programs requires that you commit to being present for ALL the weekly meetings because you will be paired one-on-one with someone from another generation. If you are absent, they have no partner!