If you cannot find a Sages & Seekers Intergenerational Program in your area, then our Online Programs are a great option for you! Our online programs were born out of the need for connection during the pandemic, and have become an exciting platform to connect generations across the country and beyond. Join a program to connect with different generations and cultures from different countries.


Our 8-Week Zoom Program is designed to offer our award-wining Signature Program online. Schools use our Online Program as part of their academics or as a community service opportunity. This is a 60-minute program, with 45 minutes of one-on-one time. The Seekers choose their Sage partner through a “speed dating” rotation process the first week. Each week starts with group discussion, creating a community of participants by the eighth week. Because each week builds on the week before, you must commit to all eight weekly meetings in order to enroll.

The best way to understand our program is to watch our Information Presentation.


Aging Uncut is a university level lab, designed to focus on the social-emotional aspects of aging today. Too often University Labs only address the physical aspects of healthy aging, leaving the more personal emotions of most older adults unheard. Sages & Seekers older participants are interested in discussing the social-emotional aspects they are facing – from finding value and relevance in retirement, to perspectives on life and death.

Coming September 2022.