Our award-winning 8-Week Signature Program, designed for high school and college, fits perfectly into a semester. This program is utilized in schools across the country as part of their academic curriculum, as well as a community service opportunity. This is a 75-minute program, with group interaction as well as one-on- one time. Because each week builds on the week before, you must commit to all eight weekly meetings in order to enroll.


Each week starts with group discussion, engaging both generations in dialogue that leads to authentic conversation. The Seekers choose their Sage partner through a “speed dating” rotation process the second week. Sage and Seeker partners build important relationships while creating a sense of community. The impact of this exchange culminates in a Tribute written by the Seeker, then read to the Sage, offering both writing and public speaking experience. This opportunity to communicate one-to-one with an interested partner begins to break down stereotypes and judgements, leading to the development of much needed social-emotional skills and a diminishing of ageism. In-Person Programs are scattered throughout the United States, so email us to determine if there is a program in your area: info@sagesandseekers.org.


This is a custom program designed as either a 2-Hour or 2-Day Workshop for facilities interested in introducing our 8-Week Signature Program. Watch this video of a Pop-Up Program in Action: xxxxxxx Email info@sagesandseekers.org for more information or to speak with our Program Director.


This is a custom program for facilities working with multiple generations. This workshop is designed to shatter stereotypes and focus on the similarities of all participants, through authentic conversation. Email info@sagesandseekers.org for more information or to speak with our Program Director.

Conversation is the most human activity we do.
It is a cornerstone for empathy.