What makes Sages & Seekers SEL Program so effective?

Sages & Seekers Programs are designed specifically to address the teen brain and development. This is best described by Dr. David Yeager: “Typical SEL programs, which directly teach adolescents skills and invite them to rehearse those skills over the course of many classroom lessons, have a very poor track record with middle adolescents—roughly age 14 to 17. Programs for adolescents are sometimes simply aged-up versions of childhood programs— for instance, they communicate the same message, but now the character doing the talking has a skateboard and a chain wallet. Such programs often fail to capture adolescents’ attention, both in what they say and how they say it. The evidence is clear: we can’t rely on an elementary-level, classroom- based, social-skill-training program revamped for middle adolescents.” David S. Yeager, “Social-Emotional Learning Programs for Adolescents.”

How are Sages & Seekers Programs implemented in high schools?

Sages & Seekers Programs are designed to fit easily into a school semester. Many schools utilize our programs in their academic curriculum: English, History or Humanities. We also offer 10 hours of community service credit to students who enroll and complete all aspects of the program.

What does our school stand to gain from offering Sages & Seekers Programs?

  • Ability to offer a novel experiential learning curriculum that improves verbal and written communication skills
  • Offers 21st Century skills needed for success in the future
  • Encourages nonjudgmental interaction among students by defying preconceived notions about the elderly, henceothers
  • Generates curiosity about the way society frames many conceptualizations and encourages a critical view of the worldin which we live
  • Reinforces the importance of interpersonal communication by providing students with an environment free ofintrusive technologies
  • Innovative approach to learning that excites students and grabs their attention
  • Instills fundamental skills, such as respect and empathy, that cannot be taught in a classroom – improving studentrelations
  • By spending time with a largely underappreciated group, students gain a sense off efficacy that bolsters self esteem
  • Strengthens your campus (helping students develop zest, grit, self-control, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism, and curiosity)

Does Sages & Seekers address the mental health issue in teens today?

A meta-analysis of 213 K-12 schools nationwide has revealed that students from schools with dedicated SEL programs demonstrate significantly improved emotional awareness, healthier relationships, and stronger academic performance— and show significantly lower rates of anxiety, behavioral problems, and substance abuse. (link to PDF 205C)

Does Sages & Seekers impact the unintended consequences of technology today?

Eight years ago we did extensive research that led us to an understanding of the profound impact technology was having on our ability to maintain and sustain distraction free conversations with each other. Today, the negative impact of social media and other uses of technology is no secret. Society as a whole has entered new and uncharted waters due to the rapid proliferation of the smartphone, and our ability to truly connect with each other is at risk. Our programs offer an antidote to this disconnection. Essential life skills such as the ability to maintain eye contact and read facial cues are best taught through experience, such as the one Sages & Seekers provides. For a generation that sleeps with their phones, the need to balance constant peer-to-peer influence, and expand one’s life conversation with a member of an older generation, cannot be underestimated.

How can we bring Sages & Seekers Programs to our school?

Our online programs can be accessed by any school in the United States, as well as those within a time zone fitting our scheduled online programs.

Schools can license our signature 8-Week Program Manual, along with training, and produce our in-person program on your own campus or at a nearby senior facility.

For more information, please contact our Program Manager: marcus@sagesandseekers.org